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Makemoji SDK
A keyboard company



  • Increase engagement
  • Conversation level emoji.
  • Add custom emojis
  • Monetize your app

How It Works

Step 1: Install our keyboard SDK

Step 2: Customize your emoji library. As a partner, you will be given access to our admin dashboard where you can add or remove any emojis from our library. You will always have full control over the emojis that are shown in your app.

Step 3: Add new emojis or Gifs seamlessly to your keyboard. Our SDK works without any type of user updates or downloadable content. The emojis and gifs are added server-side (no app update needed).


The Keyboard

  • Conversation level emoji. The emojis work in-line with text ☺
  • Click-to-share functionality (no copy/paste needed)
  • Server side emoji library updates (no app updated needed)

These are small details, but they're incredibly important to the user experience.


  • Search happens instantly on the device
  • Works in airplane/offline mode
  • Translated for the top 20 languages
  • Synonymous and exact matches

Data Dashboard

Visualize all of the emoji engagement on your platform. You can also manange/upload your own emojis or remove unwanted emojis/categories from your keyboard.

Tech Specs

SDK compressed size is 5mb

SDK Our average installation time is 48 hours. Once the implementation is complete you will be given access to our admin dashboard or API endpoints to manage the emojis on your own backend.

API All of the data is accessible via our API. Think of it as a two-way pipeline, you send us the raw data inputs, and we send you the polished information instantly.


Backward Compatibility

Our SDK provides a backwards compatible plain-text message that replaces Makemoji emoji with a Unicode emoji of your choice. This can be used to serve a message from your backend to older versions of your app and can be used to prompt users to download the newest version of your app.

This is our default Hypermoji (clickable emoji), but you can set emoji to anything you want.


Low Connectivity

Our emojis will still work while in airplane mode, low-connectivity areas and everything in between. We wanted to make sure that even if your app is unable to send messages, our keyboard and emojis always show up.

Quick Facts

◦ The Makemoji SDK is free

◦ We do not send push notifications, you will need to set this up

◦ Emojis and messages are composed of HTML image and paragraph tags

◦ Gif support

◦ Average service response time: 100ms

◦ Hosted with AWS using Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFront

◦ Scales seamlessly to meet traffic demands